Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

Are you getting irritated with sagging and droopy breasts? If you wish to improve its appearance and want to gain a good set of breasts then opting for a breast lift surgery will be a good option for you. Breast Lift is also known as mastopexy surgery and in this procedure you will be able to perk or lift up sagging breasts. This condition is known as ‘breast ptosis’.

Reasons for sagging breasts

Breast Ptosis causes dilemma in several women. No one likes the consequences of sagging breasts and they can happen for a few reasons. They have been mentioned below:

  • Ageing
  • Pregnancy
  • Enhanced body mass index
  • Menopause since the skin starts to lose its elasticity

Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic and Mastopexy Breast Lift Surgery

At Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic you can opt for Mastopexy breast lift surgery. With the help of this surgery you will be able to correct the overall size of the breast and get breasts countered.

This procedure cuts and removes excess tissues, minimizes overstretched suspensor ligaments, and excess skin from the skin envelope, and the nipple areola is positioned properly. Also, this surgery is useful for mammoplasty reduction, and correction of over-sized breasts. It is usually applicable for severe ptosis. You will eventually notice your breasts having a good shape with well contoured shape.

This surgery technique is useful for full breast lift and rectifies problems such as enveloped skin. Circumvertical and horizontal incision helps in lifting sagging breast. Three types of incisions that are involved in this procedure are:

  • The anchor ring
  • The anchor shank
  • The anchor stack

It cuts the excess skin and inelastic skin that is enveloped, which ensures maximum correction takes place. This helps to bless you with an elevated and natural sized breast.

Modified Breast Lift

In this procedure, the plastic surgeon is restricted to make only a few changes on the skin. Its major advantage is that only a few scars are left after surgery. A few variants of the modified lift are:

  • The periareolar lift
  • The circumareolar lift
  • The circumvertical lift

The result of this surgery is regaining natural sized breast. You will look and feel content with good perked up breasts, but you may notice a few scars here and there, basically on the treated area However, after 3 weeks of the surgery, the surgeon will monitor whether the wounds of the patient has completely healed.

Who Is The Right Candidate?

For the breast lift surgery the right candidate is:

  • Someone who has good health
  • Should be over 18 years of age, because breasts continue to grow until that age
  • Someone who does not have any big medical problem or issue
  • Someone who is informed about the procedure and its risks
  • Not planning to breastfeed
  • Sagging breasts but size is adequate
  • When breasts lack substance or firmness

Risks or Side Effects Of Breast Lift Surgery:

  • Sensitive nipples
  • Tingling effect or little pain
  • Infection or may bleed, but the professionals will keep monitoring and provide necessary treatment solution

Advantages of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Well shaped breasts
  • Increasing confidence and self esteem
  • Attractive with great body

This solution will last for sometime however with age, it is possible for the breasts to sag again. You may need to repeat this process, if required as the skin may start losing its elasticity after a certain age, which is natural.

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