Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery is a very popular cosmetic surgery. Breast enlargement or breast enhancement is achieved through placement of breast implant thereby bringing about a change in the future. This will drastically enhance the appearance and self-image.

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How Breast Augmentation Is Done?

It is a surgical process where the fat or breast implants are used to augment the breast size or bring back the volume of the breast that you have lost as a consequence of weight loss or after the pregnancy.

This operation may be carried out either under local or complete anesthesia, depending on the patient’s wish. Then, comes the incision. It is done to reduce the visible scars. Among the three available incision options- periareolar, inframammary incision, transumbilical, and transaxillary incision, your doctor will take the decision regarding which to perform on your behalf. After the completion of the incision, the doctor will insert a breast implant either directly at the backside of the breast tissue or below the pectoral muscle. The implant kind, desired size, and the body type decide the positioning of the breast implant.

With layered stitches in the tissues of the breast, the incisions are concluded. Surgical tapes and skin adhesives are also used to close the upper layers of the skin. The marks of the incision fade gradually.

Risks Associated With It

Some of the side effects which you may after the surgery are as follows:

  • Pain in the breast
  • Nipple changing and sensation in the breast
  • Further surgeries
  • Silent crack of silicone-gel filled implants
  • Around the breast implant, tissues of scar may form and affect the implant.

How To Recover From The Complications Of The Procedure?

After the wearing off of the anesthesia, you will be given analgesic to get some relief from the pain. Your reasoning and coordinating skill will be numbed for a day, so it’s better to steer away from driving just after the operation. Avoid doing heavy physical jobs for minimum 6 weeks after the operation. To overcome the discomfort and the pain, your doctor may advise you to go for some post-operative light work outs.

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