Chemical Peels for skin

Chemical Peels

Unblemished and radiant skin is what every woman lusts for. But, not all can be successful in achieving that goal. Accomplishing the desire is not at all difficult but depends on maintenance. Perfect guidelines and proper management may help the skin from getting damaged and dull. Keeping the negative factors in mind, Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic has come upon with different effectual skin care treatments. The signs of premature ageing, pigmentation, scars or uncanny spots and all other blemishes can be treated with great care and proficiency.

Usage of chemical peeling:

Different effective methods have been utilized and among them the chemical peels are considered to be one of the most significant ones. The peels, we use for our patients, contain chemical agents (basically acid solution) that can trigger the production of collagen. Besides, these are essential for softening the skin texture.

How do the chemical peels work?

Chemical peels can exfoliate the outer layer of the dead skin while rejuvenating the skin. Peeling is variable from person to person and it needs to be provided after analysing and understanding the actual difficulty.

Types of Chemical Peels:

At our clinic, you will be provided with two distinct sorts of peels including:

  • Black peels: Black Peels can treat all forms of acne vulgaris and scars
  • Yellow peels: Yellow Peels are ideal in treating patches and hyper pigmentation

Well, the peels are offered to the patients after judging the medical conditions decently. At the very beginning, your problems will be analysed thoroughly by our adept medical professionals and thereafter, you will be proffered peels accordingly. One can mollify all the necessities by getting a younger looking skin with complete ease with the aid of these beneficial black and yellow peels.

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