Can’t you wear your favourite outfit due to your love handles? In such a situation, it may be hard to be optimistic. But, you can achieve more aesthetically satisfying body shape through liposuction.

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Do you want to get back your lustrous tresses? Every health problem starts from human stomach and the food they consume on everyday life. It is very important to consume healthy diet that keep their life smooth. Let's check out what you’re putting on your plate daily. There’s a strong link between hair loss and food. Go through this amazing list... Read more

No one welcomes baldness, not even men.  Although, the thinning of the hair takes a severe turn in men, sometimes leading to baldness, yet the women shouldn't think that they’re absolutely safe from this nightmare. A lot of factors contribute to Read more

Like many others, you probably are also suffering from hair loss. Calm down, as you’re not the only victim. A recent study has showed that near about 35 million men and 21 million women in the US are suffering from the problem. But, where there’s a will, there’s a hope. If you want to get an effective solution for... Read more

We often start believing to what we see in television and newspaper advertisements which shows a forty year old woman becoming younger with anti ageing creams in just two weeks. These advertisements often show how fountain of youth found in a bottle that can reverse the ageing process by, "helping to boost oxygen ... Read more

Any kind of facial scar such as breakouts, cuts, and burns can cause embarrassment. Therefore, follow the expert’s tips to get a scar-less and glowing skin.

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May it be Leonardo DiCaprio’s or AvanJogia’s, man buns is the latest trend in the fashion world.

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