Daily workouts and healthy diets even sometimes fail to make you slim. This is the harsh truth which many of us face. Fortunately, you can sort it out. Here are seven things which you should avoid to stay in shape. Go through it.

Embracing the inevitable is not always possible especially when you’ve spotted silver hair in your early teen period. Today, I am going to tell you some of the reasons why your hair starts to grey at a premature age. Check it out.

Nowadays you can see that many clinics are advertising about Mesotherapy treatment. But the question remains- Is it really effective? Can it fight hair loss?

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Our hair is composed of proteins. You may experience hair loss when your body doesn’t get sufficient protein. On an average, an individual needs to take 46-56 grams of proteins on a daily basis. However, it may vary depending upon the height, weight, and other factors of the person. Read more

You cannot defy the aging process, but you can certainly avoid looking old. Here’s how you can do it without spending much money on your skin care routine.

Clean your face regularly: Clean your face twice daily with a gentle face wash and a face cleansing brush... Read more

Long, bouncy, black hair- it’s the dream of almost every woman. To them, hair is something more than just a bundle of fibre. It tells about their personality and style. So, when they start losing it, they become utterly frustrated.

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Laser hair removal is an easy and non-invasive way to enjoy a hair free body. If you’re fed up with waxing, tweezing, and shaving, laser hair removal can be an option worth considering. It is a very famous cosmetic procedure in the US. ... Read more

If you see some hairs falling out during the brush, you may not take it seriously. But, the thing is how much hair loss you should consider as normal. Most people lose 100-125 hairs per day as some in the resting stage shed making way for the growth of the new hairs. Losing more than 125 hairs a day can be serious... Read more

Can’t you wear your favourite outfit due to your love handles? In such a situation, it may be hard to be optimistic. But, you can achieve more aesthetically satisfying body shape through liposuction.

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