Excessive shedding is known as Alopecia and it takes various forms in both men and women. When we start to lose our hair, we should know that it can be treated by slight changes in our lifestyle. Once you address the Read more

Oh! you may think that I'm kidding with you. Actually, no. I have come to know some special secrets of how some people stay slim without jumping to fad diets. If you want to know the secret, then start reading.

  • Deal with your meal slowly 
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Feeling cold? Winter has arrived. Now, your skin will become dry. You can’t stop it just by wearing sweaters and gloves. You need some extra TLC. We have assembled some quick pointers. Just check out.

  • Moisturize immediately after a shower 
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Just like every new year, this year also you will want to rock the party and look gorgeous. The countdown has already started, and I’m sure that you’re done with your shopping. But, that’s not enough. Remember, you can be an eye-candy only when you’ve a spotless glowing skin. Don’t lose your spirit if you’re not b... Read more

Breast implants are ruling the cosmetic industry for more than 50 years. It has instilled hope in many women who were suffering in silence with saggy breasts. The advancements in this field have played a great role in attracting women across the world to try it for at least once in their lifetime.

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Although we’re all born bald, yet it is unwelcomed especially in a fashion conscious society like ours. Thank God, hair transplantation is there for all the baldies.

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'Acne is nothing more than a nature's Braille' – Even if it so, then also you would like to do away with your acne scars. Though it's true that there are many DIY for acne, yet they are time-consuming. And, we don't have enough time, right? So, what's your opinion? Going with it or to seek the aesthetic help? Of course, you should go for aesthet... Read more

What’s actually the link between testosterone and hair loss? Or is there any connection between them actually?

I’ve seen many people in my life who blame their DHT levels for their excessive shading. They think so because DHT level increases during hair loss. They just do this ... Read more