Healthy life begins with a fit body and a perfect contour. A desire shape body add boost to your confidence and vanity to a great extent. But at times, a desired body shape gets difficult to attain through exercises and dieting, in our busy schedule. In such case switching to liposuction is the best option availab... Read more

Holi the festival of colors and a harbinger of Spring. It is time for celebration and fun. The vibrant colors and the carnival spirit is enough to add to the aura and pull the feel to epitome. Its all about playing with colors, water guns, water filled balloons. Along with celebration during this festival, safety ... Read more

What’s real when it comes to all the lore and old wives tale about hair care? I think the time has come when we should debunk some myths to help you grow healthy hair in a hassle-free manner.

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“Fountain of youth” cannot be found in beauty creams or any other skincare products. It can be found if you feel happy and healthy from inside. This can be achieved by Read more

It's a bit of hairstylist's commandment.

'You should have dense hair to try this hairdo.'

This commandment is definitely frustrating, and you are up creek without paddle. Unfortunately, most of the DIY methods are time-consuming and don't fu... Read more

Most of us have experienced this once in their lifetime- heading out for a salon to have a wonderful haircut. But, after having the haircut, when we look at the mirror, we feel that it's not looking good because we firmly believe in the saying- 'Mirrors don't lie.' At that time, we need someone to boost our confid... Read more

Excessive shedding is known as Alopecia and it takes various forms in both men and women. When we start to lose our hair, we should know that it can be treated by slight changes in our lifestyle. Once you address the Read more

Oh! you may think that I'm kidding with you. Actually, no. I have come to know some special secrets of how some people stay slim without jumping to fad diets. If you want to know the secret, then start reading.

  • Deal with your meal slowly 
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Feeling cold? Winter has arrived. Now, your skin will become dry. You can’t stop it just by wearing sweaters and gloves. You need some extra TLC. We have assembled some quick pointers. Just check out.

  • Moisturize immediately after a shower 
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