Hair Thinning On The Crown Area? A lot of us seriously do not pay attention to the problems like hair thinning on the crown and hair loss until it becomes really seriously and the effects are noticeable. What starts in a subtle and innocuous manner with just a few strands falling away every time you comb or brush your hair soon becomes a majo... Read more
Over-stress is the main cause of Hair loss

First, let’s face it! All of us are stressed, overworked and tired of our lives. Today, at least 70% of us say this almost 80% of the time. But did you know that the very worry that you are stressed can actually be bad for you? Yes, the more we fret about being stresse... Read more

5 things that come in our mind when we see a Bald Man

Let’s face it! Bald is NOT always beautiful. We mean, not all people look like a Michael Jordan or a Bruce Willis when bald right! At times it is plain ugly and embarrassing especially for young men. Things become over more complicated and sad if it is someo... Read more

When it comes to hair loss in women, a rising misconception is that the primary reasons for the same are almost always either hereditary or hormonal. However, that is really far from the truth. Current studies and hair loss statistics in women indicate that there are in fact a lot many causes of the same. While we... Read more

Receding hairlines are known to be a problem for a lot of men and women in today’s times. And contrary to popular perception, the problem has started affecting a lot of young people today. Erratic sleeping, irregular eating habits and a highly disorganized and sedentary lifestyle are the main reasons for Read more

Not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair:( Go for Laser Hair Removal!!

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Hair Removal is generally done through waxing, threading, shaving, tweezing and lasers. Apart from lasers all the other techniques are very temporary. In addition to that the skin becomes coarse ... Read more

Worried about wrinkles, sagging & dullness?

What are the causes of wrinkles & sagging skin?

As we get older, our skin naturally becomes less elastic and more fragile. Decreased production of natural oils dries your skin and makes it appear mo... Read more

Get your crowning glory back The Cyclical Vitamin Therapy Programme by Dr Paul’s not only arrests hair fall and promotes hair growth, it also benefits overall wellness. The unique approach of this Hairfast therapy strengthens hair roots and achieves new hair growth. The therapy uses low dose vitamins by spreading it over three days. The pro... Read more

Worried about Anti Aging!

What are the anti-aging treatments available with you?

Sir/ Madam Aging skin droops, develops wrinkles, lines and furrows. The severity of these problems in an individual depends not only on the age of the pers... Read more

Worried about acne scars

Do you provide treatment for Acne Scar?

Of course we do have the best treatment procedures and equipment's to treat Acne Scars .

How much is the cost?

Sir/ Madam Acne... Read more