Success Stories at Dr. Paul's - Hair Treatment

When Mr. Mukesh Swaini came into Dr. Paul's Multispeciality Clinic in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa he was very concerned with the constant hair fall he was experiencing. After debating a lot on ... Read more

LASER Hair Removal - Process & Benefits

Hair removing is one exercise for which so much of our time goes in parlor. It is one of the most compulsory tasks for girls before going out for a party, date, etc. Waxing, threading, shaving, electrolysis and laser are few temporary/permanent techniques available in t... Read more

Winter Care for Your Hair

Winter Care Tips For Your Hair

The cool and freezing winter climate has just arrived. The first thing that has to be frozen in our minds is ensuring that we don’t get so lazy to even care anything our hair, skin and body itself. Yes it’s completely understandable that in winter we tend to become so numb and ... Read more

5 Factors That Harm Your Hair

Top 5 factors that harm your hair.

Today, hair loss is the most common issue faced by teenagers and adult. Although women are less prone to hair loss than men, yet she tries hard to save them. But in the quest of getting beautiful and radiant hair ... Read more

7 Skin Mistakes We All Do!

7 Skin Mistakes We All Do

An ageless skin can be one of the most valuable beauties that we cherish. In our daily busy life we tend to make some common mistakes resulting in reducing the life of our beautiful skin. Following are the some mistakes that we need to avoid fo... Read more

Top 5 Homemade Face Packs For Nourishing Skin Top 5 Homemade Face Packs For Nourishing Skin

Our skin is constantly exposed to heat, dust, pollution and other environmental hazards of urban ... Read more

Skincare Regime To Follow In Your 30s

We all love to be in our 20s where there is not much to worry about skin and health. But as we enter into our 30s, we start noticing different signs of aging. Various circumstances like stress, pregnancy, and other hormonal change take a toll on our skin. However, such condit... Read more

Skincare Through The Ages

Skincare Tips Through Ages for a Clear Skin.

As our skin tend to change with time it gets really confusing on how to get amazing skin in all age. Many believe following same skin care routine can be best, but skin need different routine in every decade. The products that worked... Read more

Top 10 Methods for Soft & Smooth Heels

Cracked and rough heels is the problem with almost everyone around the world. And this gets worse during winter season causing pain and embarrassments. Otherwise known as heel fissures happens due to poor foot care and hygiene. During winter season when the climate is ch... Read more

Mastopexy: Procedure, Precautions & Advantages

A woman in all age wants to look best with flawless skin and perfect figure. But for various reasons such as aging, nursing, pregnancy, and weight loss our body tends to lose elasticity. Breast sagging is one common pro... Read more