Success Story-Alopecia

hair fall Hair Fall Treatment at Dr. Paul's Here is another success story of our Alopecia treatment of our patient Mr. Debendra Banerjee. We received a call at Dr. Pa... Read more
Hair Fall Treatment at Dr. Paul's We bring to you another success story of our Hair loss treatment. Ms. Arunditi Roy walked into Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic. The specialists at Dr. Paul’s quickly attended to her and enquired about the purpose of visit. Upon underst... Read more
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Success Story-Acne

Success Story Of Acne At Dr.Paul's We bring to you one more testament of our client Ms.Arunima. On a Monday morning, Ms. Arunima Das walked into Dr. Paul’s clinic fed up with her acne problems! Ms. Das was received & directed to our Specialist. An hour long session of b... Read more

Success Story-Alopecia

Hair Fall Success Story At Dr. Paul's

An inquisitive Binoy walked in to the clinic making this statement, “Is there a remedy for Alopecia? I have Alopecia!" Specialist at Dr.Paul’s attended to his needs, educated Binoy about Read more

A Testimonial To Our Success - Hair Treatment.

The Minto Park Clinic of Dr. Paul's Multispeciality Clinic had a distraught patient walk in; at his wits end! "I am just tired of looking older than my age!" said a disheartened Subhrotho Das.

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Why is my hair falling out?

Know The Reasons For Your Hairfall Know The Reasons For Your Hairfall

Men and women tend to lose their hair due to various reasons, but determining the exact cause may be difficult. However, to treat hair loss one ... Read more

10 Things About Hair Fall You Should Know.

Hair fall is not a pleasing condition for anybody, but it is slowly becoming a common condition for men and women in all ages. Research say, about 85% of men will have Read more

Advantages of Hair Transplantation - Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Hair loss is a common problem people face these days and gets most embarrassing for young age. Thanks to modern technology, men and women facing baldness can easily conceal it wi... Read more

Strip Technique or Follicular Unit Extension (FUE) - The Two Most Effective Hair Transplant Methods.

Hair loss can be one of the most demotivating things that people encounter in this stressful life. However ther... Read more