Laser Tattoo Removal – Know The Real Facts Before You Opt

February 25, 2019

Tattoos are forever – you believed it right? And to mark something ‘forever’ you got tattooed- true? But, what if the reason is no more? What if you think the tattoo doesn’t go any more with your matured outlook? What if you wish every day, every moment to get rid of your misfit tattoo? Isn’t the solution Laser Tattoo Removal for you? Yes, and not only for you but for all who wants to remove the unwanted inking.

Ready To Get It Done?

Have you already made your mind to remove your tattoo? Contact Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solution for the same. Our advanced laser removal procedures make it easy to eliminate or fade the most tattoos, but not all. Surprised? But this is the real fact you must know.

In the past days, tattoos were scratched or frozen off, peeled away with chemicals, or even surgically shaved, which often left a severe scar on the skin.

A better substitute got introduced in the 1980s. The nanosecond laser treatment used tiny waves of high-powered energy to fade out or remove most of the colours, with a lower risk of skin damage.
The more technologically advanced, newer picosecond lasers offer an even faster and better result. A few sessions stretching in between 4 and 8 weeks, usually give you the desired result.

Facts to Consider

Though you are ready to go for Laser Tattoo Removal, consider these 8 facts before entering the process.

1. Everything May Not Disappear

If you think your tattoo will disappear as there was nothing at all, you may be getting it wrong. Discuss our Laser treatment expert before setting your expectations. Though most of the tattoos are removed nearly entirely, a few may not go the same. Some strong coloured tattoos may fade partially only. While black, dark blue, and dark green coloured tattoos are easiest to remove; light and bright blue, light green, yellow, white and fluorescent colours are hard to get rid of.

2. Older Is Better For Removal

Did you know it before that the age of your tattoo also makes a difference? The older the tattoo is, the easier and effective the laser treatments are.

3. Placement Of The Tattoo Matters

What? Placement matters?
Yes! The natural fading of the tattoo is noticeably slower for tattoos placed farther down the arms or legs.
There’s a general rule in tattoo removal that the closer the tattoo is to your heart, the easier to remove it. It is only because of the better and higher blood circulation. Thus, tattoos on chest, upper back, neck, upper arms, and face are easier to remove with only fewer sessions. On the other hand, tattoos on the lower leg, hands and feet take more than average treatment sessions for maximum removal.

4. Different Inks Need Different Laser Wavelength

Different inks are sensitive to the different laser wavelength. Most widely used wavelengths include 1064 nm, 532 nm, 694 nm, and 755 nm.

  • 1064 nm wavelength is perfect to remove black and dark inking.
  • 532 nm wavelength work most effectively on red ink and other warm colours on the wheel, like violet, orange, brown, yellow.
  • 694 nm wavelength effectively remove the difficult shades of blue and green inks, including turquoise, teal, electric blue, lime green. 694 nm wavelength also treat the resistant black inks efficiently.
  • 755 nm wavelength is an efficient secondary wavelength to treat the resistant black, blue, green inks.

5. Skin Pigment May Change

Tattooing itself often cause skin scar, change in skin pigmentation as well as the tattoo removal. The lighter the skin tone, the lower the risk of getting skin pigmentation damage. It is because, the laser couldn’t find much difference when both skin colour and tattoo are dark, and damage the skin melanin while destroying tattoo colour pigments. Due to this, two types of temporary skin damages may happen.

  • Hyperpigmentation: Sometimes extra melanin formation takes place after tattoo removal, resulting in hyperpigmentation. This condition is typically found in people with medium skin tone. This skin condition can be reversed over time with proper after-care.
  • Hypopigmentation: Another temporary condition is the skin tone lightening, which is more common among people with very dark skin tone. Though this hypopigmentation can be reversed over time, it may take much longer time than hyperpigmentation.

6. Skin Darkening Possibilities

Permanent make-up tattoos, such as eyebrow, lip liner etc. may darken immediately after treating with a laser. Usually, this is a temporary concern and can be lightened with the following laser cosmetic tattoo removal sessions.

7. Allergic Tendency to Laser

People who have experienced an allergic reaction after having a tattoo, are prone to get the same while removing it. “Q-switching” laser treatment, which is popularly used to remove tattoos, often trigger the allergic reaction in individuals with a severe allergic tendency.

In Conclusion…

So, what our experts say, think twice before having a tattoo. Tattoos are meant to be lifetime inking. Thus, try to make sure the tattoo you’re considering today, won’t bother you in later life.
Or else, if you can’t avoid the circumstance and need Laser Tattoo Removal, consult Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Clinic for the best treatment.

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