Are You Becoming Bald Due to High Testosterone Level

December 31, 2015

What’s actually the link between testosterone and hair loss? Or is there any connection between them actually?

I’ve seen many people in my life who blame their DHT levels for their excessive shading. They think so because DHT level increases during hair loss. They just do this simple calculation:

High testosterone level →High DHT level→ Hair loss

If this was the case, then all bald people will have high DHT level. But, that is not so. Many studies have conducted till date to negate this belief. And, all of these studies are successful. Let’s check out.

  • In a study, similar testosterone levels have been found in both a bald guy and a hairy person.
  • Hair loss has a direct relation with aging, but the oldies generally have low testosterone levels.
  • Both high and low testosterone levels people can become a victim of male-pattern baldness.

Thus, it’s clear that we shouldn’t blame testosterone alone for hair loss. So, what’s going on the top of our scalp that is triggering hair loss?

DHT is not an open book as you have thought

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There are various testosterone by products, one of which is DHT. The conversion of testosterone is a rapid process and this causes the increase of DHT level in the blood. The excess DHT gets collected in the scalp stimulating hair loss. In this entire process, the main role is played by the total amount of testosterone, and not the amount which undergoes the conversion.

It’s a tough job to estimate the number of testosterone that will be converted into DHT. Most of the times, high DHT levels are directly proportional with the testosterone:estrogen ratio.

Relation between testosterone: estrogen ratio and hair loss

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The testosterone: estrogen ratio matters a lot for the health of your hair. In case of women, the hair loss could be either lower estrogen or higher testosterone. However, the case is opposite for men. Men lose their hair when they have higher estrogen and lower testosterone. So, the bottom line is- if the ratio of the testosterone: estrogen ratio is balanced, you will not become prone to baldness. With the present trend of dieting, the testosterone levels in men are 22% lower as compared to men of the same age 30 years ago.

Your thyroid imbalances the testosterone: estrogen ratio

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Your thyroid is mainly responsible for the production and regulation of the hormones. There are many underactive thyroid patients with lower testosterone: estrogen ratio. It, in turn, accelerates the DHT conversion process. This, ultimately, leads to hair loss in both men and women. So, if you want to control hair loss, you have to control your thyroid.

Whatever may be the reason, losing the hair is very depressing. Take protein rich diet and try to avoid sugar and caffeine. 20% of the thyroid function depends on the enough supply of gut bacteria. Therefore, you should take the supplement with probiotics which is a friendly intestinal bacterium. You can also go for walking, yoga, and light-weight lifting to manage your thyroid level.

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