Get Your Doubts Clarified About Acne Scars At Dr.Paul’s clinic

July 11, 2014

Do you provide treatment for Acne Scar?

Of course we do have the best treatment procedures and equipment’s to treat Acne Scars .

How much is the cost?

Sir/ Madam Acne Scars can be of 7 types from deep rolling scars, box scars to enlarged pores and each of them can be further classified into four grades depending upon the severity. So you need to consult our doctor who can actually do SKIN CHECK and determine your scar type and grade accordingly suggest you appropriate treatment. Also, our customer relationship manager at the clinic will definitely meet all your queries about the expenses once the treatment is recommended and before you join it. From here we will be happy to assist you to get you an appointment with our doctor. I would request you to tell your convenient day and time so that accordingly I can now book your appointment.

Still I want a rough idea about the cost?

As I explained it is not possible to give you much idea about the cost involvement of the treatment prior to your SKIN CHECK. But respecting your concern I can only tell that even in grade I and grade II scars people generally requires 8 Treatment sessions, which will cost around Rs 3000 per session.

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