How Acne Is Treated At Dr.Paul’s Clinic? – Best Pimple Cure Treatment

July 9, 2014

Do you provide Treatment for Acne?

Of course, we do have the best acne treatment procedures which range from oral medications, medicated chemical peeling and of course the use of modern equipment and technology.

How much Acne Treatment cost?

Sir / Madam Acne can be further classified into five grades depending on its nature and severity. So it won’t be possible on my part to tell you about the cost of pimple treatment unless our skin expert performs a SKIN CHECK and determines your grade of your acne and other conditions and recommends the treatment for you. Therefore I would suggest you to consult our doctors at the earliest. If not treated at the proper time the severity of your conditions may aggravate to the next stage. More to that advance acne often leads to ugly acne scars if not treated properly treated.

Still I want a rough idea about the cost?

As I explained it is not possible to give you many idea about the cost involvement of the treatment prior to your SKIN CHECK. But respecting your concern I can only tell that even in open comedones or closed comedones and papulopustules that is grade I and grade II people generally requires 8 Acne Treatment sessions, which will cost around Rs 2500 per session.

Do you also do chemical peeling like salons?

A very good question Sir/Madam. Salons are absolutely prohibited to use any medical grade peeling. So the peels that they use is only meant for normal skin conditions without any specific problems and often with very limited knowledge of skin anatomy, physiology their selection of peels may often lead to skin problems as we all know that skin is very sensitive and if anything goes wrong it always leads to adverse effects more than improvement. So only an expert doctor is always your real and best beauty consultant too.

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