7 Anti-Aging Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

December 2, 2015

Aging is that harsh inevitable truth which we all have to face one day. Some people get panicked when they realized that they’re growing old. They immediately rush to their nearby stores to buy the anti-aging creams or google to get some amazing anti-aging tips. But, they do not know that these anti-aging creams and tricks may not work always. To help you out, we have piled up some anti-aging advice that aren’t so beneficial.

  • Moisturize your skin to prevent wrinkles

Our skin loses its elasticity and oils with aging. It paves the path for wrinkles. If you use moisturizer, you will only be able to plump your skin cells temporarily. It hides the tiny lines by take in water and oil that are already present on the skin. These moisturizers can’t go deep inside your skin to stop the formation of wrinkles.

  • Drink water to fight the aging process 

While it’s true that the uppermost layer of your skin may become rough due to the lack of water, science failed to prove that drinking a lot of water can refresh your skin. Water combats the aging skin by making it look younger only when you’re suffering from severe dehydration.

  • Stop using anti-aging product once you get the result 

Don’t give up using the anti-aging products once you got the results you’ve desired. Instead, you should go on applying it to maintain that glow.

  • Expensive anti-aging products are always effective

If you think that the pricier the product, the more effective it will be, then you’re wrong. Buying an expensive cream doesn’t mean that it will vanish your wrinkles. While buying such products, you should go through the ingredients mentioned there. It’s because the ingredients are more important than the price tag to fight your wrinkles.

Dirt causes acne 

Many people believe that dirt is the main culprit behind the acne formation. It’s only a myth and you shouldn’t believe in it. Acne is mainly under hormonal control. It’s the sensitivity of an individual’s hormones to his hair follicles and sebaceous gland that give birth to the acne issue. To get rid of it, you should follow a proper skin-care regimen prepared by your dermatologist.

  • Don’t wear sunscreen if it’s a cloudy day

We wear sunscreen with good SPF before going out in the sun in a sunny day. Most of the times, we think that applying sunscreen all over the body during winter or cloudy days is just useless. In fact, you should protect your skin all the year round. According to a medical show- ‘The Doctors’, approximately 80% of the harmful UV rays can penetrate through the clouds and fogs to reach us. So, if you ditch your sunscreen on a cloudy day, then your skin may get damaged.

  • Your food habit is not responsible for your wrinkles 

Beware! Your sweet tooth can add to your wrinkles and make your skin saggy. Sugar and inflammatory foods work upon the internal organs, which in turn speed up the aging. Therefore, you should switch to anti-inflammatory foods such as almond, fish, avocado, and veggies to stop living by the calendar.

Before you jump to any conclusion regarding the anti-aging skin care, check out whether it really works. Avoid the above-said 7 skin-care myths and whenever you heard or read of any anti-aging tip, research on it to find how effective it is.

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