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Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss

Hair fall is such a condition which has been affecting millions of people worldwide - and can even start as early as from early teens. Over the years we've got a lot of queries and questions about hair treatment from smokers concerned about their drastic hair shedding asking us questions such as -

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Monsoon has already arrived. Tons of huge relief has been brought from the summer scorching heat. Monsoon is such a season which brings life back to nature, grey dull land turns into scenic green. Light showers and cool breeze blowing. A warm cup of tea with hot pakkodas.

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Striae Distensae (SD), or stretch marks, are medically benign and asymptomatic, but this linear scarring of the skin is very distressing for those who suffer from it. Most women will experience striae, especially for whitened striae known as Striae Alba (SA).

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