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About Us

Dr. Abhijit Paul

Dr Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic is absolutely a result driven organization. From the very inception we have focused ourselves to surpass all our competitors in terms of generating results through our treatments. We have always adhered to the policy of constant innovation and improvement through a holistic approach of best medical practices, procedures and use of most advanced technology. We use imported medicines and have even opened up our own pharmaceutical company, Fluence Pharma in Mumbai to incessantly bring new solutions for hair and aesthetic treatments and to have a control on the quality of the medicines. We have our own Institute where not only every doctor and allied technicians of our organization are given round the year training for continuous development and up- gradation but also is considered as one of the most trusted centre for advanced training by qualified practitioner’s in the field of cosmetology. We understand how each of us cares for their beauty and how deeply we are hurt when we have serious hair, skin and aesthetic problems. Although lot of us is forced to accept the conditions without getting results from improper treatments or due to the lack of awareness that most of these conditions are reversible with proper treatments. Bringing back the smiles to the patients drives every member of the Dr Paul’s family to work harder every day. We express our gratitude to the people for trusting us so much and vow to remain committed to always deliver them the best results to their problems.

Dr. Bijay Paul

Ever since man saw his own reflection in water man wanted to improve their looks. Combs made out of bones found in the museums dates back to ice age.The paintings and carvings of Mesopotamian Civilization portrays that the elite classes used to paint their faces and nails. Egyptian Hieroglyphics shows that both men and women used eye shadows to enhance the perceived size of their eyes. Romans had exotic baths with massage, sweating in sauna, swimming and exercising in cold water and relaxing in hot water …..i.e. the primitive forms of our modern day SPA. In China powdered lead was used to lighten complexions and rouge to redden their lips. But unfortunately for beauty enhancement that is directly associated with the longest organ in the body, the skin and even hair people generally depends on the short cuts of cosmetics rather than a specialized doctors and clinics. Dr Paul’s clinic was formed with the objective to give scientific care and solutions that would actually help to make people more beautiful by re-growing their hair, regaining a flawless skin and shaping and restructuring their body and its various parts.To address the needs of beauty and wellness with 360 degree integrated approach, we not only have a team of doctors from various specialties like trichology, dermatology, plastic surgery, medicine, endocrinology, gynecology, homeopathy etc. but have also formed Institute, Pharmaceutical Company, Cosmeceutical Products. We believe in a simple philosophy “Best or Nothing “ And with this philosophy we have been able to surpass everybody and emerge as the leaders in the East. We believe we will replicate our success in every geography that we gradually enter with the strength of the results of our treatment, hospitality, care, transparency honesty and customer satisfaction.